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Instrumental Melody Marketing

Socially Promote and Entertain you audience with Instrumental Melody Marketing, Jingles, and Promotions.

Instrumental Messages and Conversataions

Socially Express and Entertain your Friends with Instrumental Melody Messages and Conversations

Instrumental Melody Recordings

Create and Join Instrumental Recoreded Messages and Social Music Sing-a-longs

iPhone version

Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer
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Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer

Built-in Melody Chat

InstaMelody Studio Messenger Mobile Application is a Melody Messaging and Marketing Services particularly used for business and personal needs.

Social Audio Network

Create a Station to on our Soical Audio Network to Discover, Listen and Join in to become part of more meaningful messages and conversations

Instrumental Recording Studio

Create, and Collaborate with others in our instrumental recording strudio to come up with the next big Social Music hit!

Instrumental Melody Library

Get Exclusive Instrumental Music and Melody Loops to use as your theme music to your messages, promotions, and conversations.

No other app has this

Business (Rec) Needs

Businesses can create audio promotions, melody greetings, and social marketing campaigns particulary with instrumental themes (jingles) playing in the background.

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Meaningful Messages

Anyone with a mobile phone will be able to send more meaningful melody messages simply by adding instrumental music to social audio recorded messages and conversations.

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Social Audio Network

Simply store your instrumental audio recordings and melody marketing creations to your Melody Library and share them on your Station so your friends and fans can join in.

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Personal (Rec) Needs

Instantly record your VMs over instrumental music for more entertaining conversations with your friends and fans for continuous collaborationa and constant communication.

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Standard$0.099/ daily
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  • Include up to 4 Instrumental Loops
  • Record up to 60 seconds per/rec
Premium$0.49/ daily
  • Include up to 8 Instrumental Loops
  • Record up to 120 seconds per/rec
Unlimited$0.99/ daily
  • Unlimited Instrumental Loops
  • Unlimited Record Time

New UI Demo

Harmony in your hands

InstaMelody is Evolving!

Thank you for your continued support! We are currently in the process of rebuilding and anticipating a Nov 2016 launch date. In the meantime, feel free to check out our newest demo version and let us know what you think.

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